TX525 Compact Utility Loader – Wide

Perfectly conditioned for all conditions.

Model #22324

The Toro TX525 Wide Track Compact Utility Loader with Kubota® diesel engine possesses the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site: dig, haul, plant and build.

  • Track width 24.1 cm (W)
  • 22.7 litre fuel tank
  • Heavy-duty, remote air cleaner


Designed with workers in mind and with exclusive easy-to-use TX control system and the walk-behind design, the Toro TX525 Wide Track Compact Utility Loader makes productivity a snap for all levels of operators. A two-stage, heavy-duty, remote air cleaner is contained under the hood, so it is not prone to damage and sight lines are not impaired. The Toro TX525 Wide Track Compact Utility Loaders are the most versatile, reliable and hardest working on the Australian market.


Easy-to-use TX Controls

You’re up and running in a flash with three easy-to-use controls. 1) The joystick loader control lets you curl, dump or float the bucket while simultaneously raising or lowering the loader arms – all with one hand. 2) With your other hand, you can grab the one-hand traction drive from any angle, for effortless control. 3) The third control, the auxiliary circuit control lever, which can be activated while operating the traction drive, powers the attachments instantly.

Exclusive TX Track Drive

Low center of gravity and large footprint increase stability on side hills and provide smooth operation over rugged terrain; eliminates tyre ruts and flat tyres.

Compact Size - 104 cm wide

Narrow enough so you can bring hydraulic power to tight areas; through doorways and gates previously accessible only by manual labour. Plus it provides zero radius turn capability for unmatched maneuverability.

4-Pump Hydraulic System

4-pump hydraulic system lets you simultaneously operate the loader, bucket, traction, and auxiliary drives for increased operator efficiency. This system directs hydraulic power precisely where you need it!

Reinforced Tracks

Durable Kevlar® reinforced tracks offer extended life, unlike competitive units with metal inserts. Open design of tracks offers self cleaning, preventing the collection of sand, rock, mud, and debris that could jam tracks.

Related accessories

36″ adjustable forks
  • Lift capacity: 136 kg
  • Maximum lift height: 155 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Weight: 74 kg
Backhoe with 13″ bucket
  • Transport height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 346 kg
  • Stabiliser spread: 198 cm
  • Bucket digging force: 1,110 kg
  • Crowd arm digging force: 566 kg
Bore drive head attachment
  • Boring Bit: 4.4 cm; Reamer: 6.3 cm
  • Drill rods (4): 2.2 cm diameter, by 1.5 m
  • Optional bits from 3.2 – 6.4 cm
  • Optional reamers up to 11.4 cm
Concrete breaker attachment
  • Delivers 244Nm of force
  • Up to 1250 blows per minute
Direct drive power box rake
  • Working width: 122 cm
  • Overall width: 170 cm
  • Overall height: 102 cm
  • Overall length: 66 cm
  • Weight: 231 kg
High torque trencher attachment
  • Torque: 900Nm at 3000 psi
  • Weight: 177 kg
High-speed trencher attachment
  • Torque: 600Nm at 3000 psi
  • Weight: 177 kg
Hydraulic blade attachment
  • Overall width: 122 cm
  • Overall height: 53 cm
  • Overall weight: 64 kg
Leveller attachment
  • Length: 85 cm
  • Width: 124 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
Soil cultivator attachment
  • Working width: 91 cm
  • Overall width: 130 cm
  • Overall height: 53 cm
  • Overall length: 130 cm
  • Weight: 195 kg
Multi-purpose tool
  • Ripper: 3 thick steel tines
  • Towbar: Accepts ball with 2.5 cm diameter threads
  • Boom and chain length 114 cm
Swivel auger power head attachment
  • Bit speed: 86 rpm at 11 gpm
  • Torque: 1300Nm at 3000psi at 11 gpm
  • Dig up to 2 metre holes
  • Bit length 106 cm; 60 cm and 30 cm extensions available
Stump grinder attachment
  • Wheel diameter: 34 cm
  • Width: 112 cm with debris shield
SWS Cement bowl
  • Diameter: 64 cm
  • Length: 46 cm
  • Weight: 34 kg
Tiller attachment
  • Tine speed: 226 rpm at 11 gpm
  • Overall width: 112 cm
  • Overall length: 51 cm
  • Height: 66 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
Trench filler
  • Overall width: 157 cm
  • Working width: 122 cm
  • Auger diameter: 35.6 cm
Hydraulic Tree Forks
  • Powerful hydraulic arm
  • Forks open 76.2 cm wide
  • Pinpoint maneuverability
Grapple Rake
  • 87.6 cm width guarantees access to tight areas
  • Tines constructed of 3/8" (1 cm) AR400 steel*
  • Four greaseable pivots reduce wear
High Volume Bucket
  • 0.2 Cubic Metre Capacity
  • Hardened Steel Cutting Edge
Narrow Bucket
  • Narrow Width
  • Hardened Steel Cutting Edge
Standard Bucket
  • 0.1 m³ Capacity
  • Hardened Steel Cutting Edge
  • Optional Tooth Bar

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