W323 Compact Utility Loader

Effortless manoeuvrability. Increased productivity.

Model #22318

The Toro wheeled petrol W323 Compact Utility Loader is built to deliver a high power -to- weight ratio in the compact utility loader category.

  • Dual 21.2 litre fuel tanks
  • 2 ground speeds
  • Easier 'do-it-yourself' maintenance and lower repair costs


At only 104 cm wide and zero-turn capability, this compact utility loader can access confined spaces and its short length contributes to efficient trailering. The removable counterweight allows for added lift capacity or increased down pressure for optimal attachment performance. With 4 Paw® independent 4-wheel drive traction system, it’s sure on its feet in any environment, wet or dry. Toro’s wheeled compact utility loaders are without doubt built for Australia’s tough conditions.

  • 23 HP Kohler® petrol engine
  • Dual 21.2 litre fuel tanks
  • 2-pump system with combined flow of 56.4 lpm at 3,600 rpm hydraulic power
  • 2 ground speeds
  • Ride on platform provides improved safety and visibility of working area and attachments
  • Easier ‘do-it-yourself’ maintenance and lower repair costs


4-Paw® Independent 4-Wheel Drive

Directs hydraulic flow and pressure to all the wheels, at all times. You can power through the toughest conditions and reduce the likelihood of getting stuck. The 4-Paw<sup>&reg;</sup> eliminates the use of chains – reducing maintenance and eliminating the chance of a broken chain.

2 Ground Speeds

Operator can select low or high speed ground speed. Low speed directs more hydraulic power to the attachment and high speed directs more power to the wheels. The low speed option also helps new operators shorten their learning curve.

Compact Size and Manoeuvrability

Get the Toro compact utility loader into tight spaces where only hand labor could go before. Add to the easy spin steer turning, and you’ll be able to power through the toughest jobs. This means landscape contractors can use the incredible power of the compact utility loader to save time and money on labour.

Fingertip Controls

Easy-to-reach 4-stick fingertip hand controls enable all functions from the operator position. The operator controls all movements of the machine and attachments with his fingertips.

Durable Hood

Durable, flexible resin hood protects your engine from damage and keeps dirt and debris out of the engine compartment. Your machine will run longer with less downtime.

2-Pump Hydraulic System

Independent power can be supplied to the attachment or the wheels. The 2-pump system with combined flow of 56.4 lpm at 3,600 rpm hydraulic power provides better usage of power to get the job done as well as not relying on one pump for shared power.

Quick Attach System

Each attachment is equipped with Toro’s unique Quick Attach System (QAS). The QAS makes changing attachments as simple as turning 2 levers.

Ride-on Platform

Ride-on platform provides improved safety and visibility of working area and attachments.

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